Blurt Alerts and Weekend Reminders


Blurt Alerts

In order to help manage appropriate behavior to make the most of our learning time together, I will use Blurt Alerts to curb interruptions and distractions. If a student has blurted out during instruction, they will be asked to fill out and turn in a Blurt Alert.  Students will also receive a Blurt Alert if they are opening and closing their desk during a lesson and if it is a distraction to their learning. Blurt Alerts will be sent home every other Friday and will require a parent signature. Students must return the signed form on Monday. Please use these as an opportunity to discuss appropriate behavior in the classroom. I would encourage you to not view this as a form of punishment, but rather a chance to grow and improve. If your child receives one or more Blurt Alerts, please make a plan to see the number reduced the next time around.

Students that do not receive a Blurt Alert during the two week period will also report this to you. Instead of red cards attached to the note, there will be a green card. Please return this notice on Monday, as students turning them in on time will be put into a daily drawing.

Students were given their first Blurt Alert note today. Please look for it in your child’s take-home folder.


Weekend Reminders: 

  • Homework is due Monday!
  • If you have Internet, please encourage your child to do Xtra Math and IXL this weekend!
  • Students should read 20 – 30 minutes each day!



Here is a reminder from PTO about Rock-the-Walk:

We APPRECIATE you! The Rock the Walk fundraiser is gaining steam, but we still need your help. If you haven’t registered your student, please follow these 3 easy steps: 1. Go to and complete your child’s Student Fundraising Webpage (use school code 5d31d8c2db7b0). 2. Make an online donation using the red DONATE button. 3. Share with friends and family using the share tools on your parent dashboard, send 10-15 emails and/or text messages, then share on Facebook or Twitter.  There’s still plenty of time to win prizes and make a difference!  So far Rock the Walk has raised $41,000… all going back to the school to pay for Field Trips, Swim Lessons, Musical Instruments, Science programs and so much more. Please help us reach our goal this year so we can make great things happen for the kids!


Scholastic Book Order:  If you are interested in ordering books for your child, please make sure to do it tonight! I will be placing the book order tomorrow. Thank you!

PowerSchool Information Needed!


Some students are coming home today with a purple PowerSchool note in their take-home folder. If your child receives this note today, please take the necessary steps written on the note to input the information needed in PowerSchool. Thank you!

Scholastic Book Order Reminder: If you are interested in ordering books for your child from Scholastic, please do so by this Friday. Thank you!

Picture Forms and Homework Packet


Picture Order Forms: Your child is coming home with the school picture form. Please look for it in your child’s take-home folder. Here are some things you should know:

  • Whether you are ordering pictures for your child or not, please tear off the side portion of the form and return it to school. All students must return this form by picture day.
  • If you choose to order pictures, please make sure to fill out the form and enclose the correct amount of money. You can also order online, if you choose. Checks should be made payable to Geskus Photography, Inc.
  • School pictures will take place on Wednesday, September 25.
  • Retakes are Tuesday, October 22.

Homework: The first homework packet of the year in coming home today! The homework packet includes:

  • Math and grammar IXL skills to work on (if you have Internet)
  • A reminder for your child to do Xtra Math on the weekend (if you have Internet)
  • Questions students can answer about what they have been reading during the week (Please remember that your child is expected to be reading regularly: 4-5 times per week for 20-30 minutes each time.)
  • An optional math facts game for students to play with family members (Although this is not required, it is great for improving students’ fact fluency).
  • A math review sheet (Please note that our math sheets are always a review. If your child is having difficulty remembering a concept, he/she should do their best to seek help.)
  • A short passage with questions. Students are expected to look in the text to find the answers. Students are expected to use complete sentences for the written questions.

Please look over the packet with your child and discuss strategies for getting the work done in a stress-free way. Students should work on a small amount of the packet each night, rather than procrastinate until the weekend. Homework is due next Monday, September 23. Homework will only be assigned during five day weeks, including weeks with half days.

Friday Updates


Class Jobs: This year, students will have the opportunity to earn classroom cash that they will use to purchase items at our Class Auction at the end of the year. One way students can earn classroom cash is by performing a class job. Students were introduced to the different class jobs today. If students are interested in applying for a job, they can complete the application and turn it in on Monday. Please look for your child’s application in his/her take-home folder. Encourage your child to write neatly and include details to show why he/she makes an excellent candidate for the job.

Register for Rock the Walk Fundraiser: Here are steps to register for the Rock the Walk fundraiser, if you haven’t already!

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register as a Parent.”
  3. Complete the information. DES Code: 5d31d8c2db7b0
  4. Email, share, have fun!

Every student who registers wins a pedometer, and students who raise even $1.00 get entered to win free bowling and other prizes. Thank you for your support!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Walk-A-Thon Information

Here is a message from the PTO regarding the “Rock the Walk” fundraiser!
Hello families!  Hopefully you all have seen the “Rock the Walk” Walk-a-Thon information.  If your kids collect money for “Rock the Walk” in cash/checks outside of the online donation webpage, please have them turn it in to their classroom teacher on the following days: Sept 13, Sept 20, and Sept 25. This helps us track how our class is doing, as well as make sure funds do not get misplaced. Thank you so much for your help with this!  And a little update…so far the kids have raised $1,820 in just 2 days!!  We appreciate ALL your EFFORTS!
Thank you!!

School Store Volunteers Needed!


We are asking for volunteers to help in the School Store this year! School Store allows us to pay for our end-of-the-year field trip and other fun things that we will do this year. Please use the link below to sign up. Make sure to sign up for the dates our class is responsible for. Thank you so much! We could not do this without you!